New Chest Drain Trolley for THE PRINCESS ANNE

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Huge thank you to my darling Cousin Oooce who nominated Cohen’s Box, for her works raffle.

With the funds donated we were able to purchase a Chest Drain Trolley, for the Princess Anne neonatal unit.

Everything is now in one place, sterile and organised.

Cohen has two trolleys named after him, so I thought this time it would be nice to name the trolley after a baby who received Cohen’s Box, but didn’t make it home.

Beautiful Louis is a twin to his sister Lilly, they were born the day after Cohen’s 1st birthday at 24+1. Sadly at 10 days old baby Louis passed away. Louis and Cohen’s Journeys were very similar. Lilly had a very long journey but amazingly is home with her parents and thriving

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