Random Act Of Kindness. Cohen’s 3rd Birthday.

It’s Cohens 3rd birthday in just over a month.

I would absolutely love if people would help celebrate his day, by doing a good deed/random act of kindness.

I really wanted to do this last year but due to covid I didn’t.

It could be anything, holding the door open for someone, buying someone a coffee, bunch of flowers, bar of chocolate, go for lunch or dinner. The list is endless.

I have some little cards made that you can attach to your good deed, these can be collected from Woolston or Swaythling (Southampton) or I can post to you 🙂

I would love Cohen’s Legacy to grow, so would appreciate it if everyone could share this post please.

Thank you again everyone I really do appreciate the love and support.

Cohen’s Mum 💫🕊

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