About The Box

£12.50 will pay for a box for a family, who are about to embark on their NICU journey.

You can write a special message to a family, who will receive their box within the first few days of arriving at the neonatal unit.

You can also sponsor a box in celebration or in memory of a loved one.

••• Please be aware Cohen’s Box will be delivered directly to the hospital in order to be given to a family. We can send you a picture of your box and message so you can see where your money has been spent. •••

What's inside?

Each box contains:

A Writing Book and Pen – I wrote in a diary every day of our journey and I’m so glad I did.

Elephant Teddies – One for baby and one for parents to cuddle until they can cuddle their baby properly.

Elephants are mine and Cohen’s favourite.

A Crystal – I kept some with me every day for positive energy.

A Wish Bracelet / Anklet – Something to remind parents there is hope.

Lip Balm and Hand Lotion – It will help due to all of the handwashing and the neonatal unit being so warm.

A Book – For parents to read to their baby. I wish I read to Cohen more, he knew my voice from the day he was born. It made me happy to know he could hear me, even if he wasn’t able to see me.

A Knitted Blanket - Made with love by the groups - ‘Warm Baby Project’ and ‘Busy Fingers’.

Bonding Squares - Each mum is given two squares. One is kept with baby and one is kept on mum’s body, every 12 hours they are swapped. This helps mum and baby to bond by smell.

A Tea Light - A lady wrote from ‘Loubelles’ and asked if she could name a scent after Cohen. It is called Cohen’s Baby Powder and I really love the smell. 15% of all profits are donated to Cohen’s Box.

A Small Colouring Book and Pencils - As you spend a lot of time sat next to your baby.

A pack of tissues, hairbrush, hair bands and body spray.

Toiletry Bags – In case families are in a position without access to any.


Men’s wash bags are also available. We also supply T-shirt’s, socks and boxers, in case they are unable to go home and change.


Sponsoring a Box

For only £12.50 a box


Directly donate to the project through PayPal


Donate to our project through Gofundme

Standing Order

Set up a regular payment to the project by emailing us