Cohen’s Box Official Elephant

When I told my boss In April, I wanted to start Cohen’s Box, she asked me for a list of items and ordered 20 of almost everything , thank you Emma 💕

When the items arrived, the elephants were absolutely perfect, so i went on the site and bought the last 70. I rung the shops head office and was told, they were not getting any more in stock. I explained why I wanted so many and they put me in contact with the supplier. When I spoke with the supplier they said “they were made for Mother’s day and no longer available”, again I explained why I needed them and said “I could buy 500,if they could be made”. I had searched the Internet and none compared. They got back in contact with me in September and said they would like to donate 500 🐘💙 The company would like to stay anonymous, but the elephants arrived last week and I’m so happy & extremely grateful that Cohen’s Box will have the same original elephant, that we started with for years to come. When parents write, the majority of them mention the elephants. Mum has the large elephant & the smaller one goes in the baby’s incubator. I can’t explain the feeling, when you just want to hold your baby but physically can’t, and a teddy would have 100% helped me. If any parents have pictures of their babies and the elephants please can you send them to me, thank you 🐘💙🌟 Now to find storage 😂🥳 (In this picture there is 50 elephants)

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