Alok Sharma successful at the Hospital Heroes in March 2020

Neonatal lead consultant at Princess Anne Hospital Alok Sharma won the Hospital Heroes Award in March 2020. He was nominated by Charlie May.

Charlie first met Alok when her son, Cohen, was born. Charlie's son was born healthy at 15 weeks early, but at three-days-old he caught an infection and Charlie was told to "sit and hold his hand in case he passed away".

Cohen started to get better by day eight but on day ten things took a turn for the worse and he sadly passed away at 12-days-old.

Charlie said: "Alok is an angel on earth, he was everything you need in a medical professional. He was caring and honest but professional, knowledgeable and showed genuine love and care.

"A lot of that week is a blur but what I do remember is Alok saying to me 'I know he is your baby, but whilst he is in my care, he is also my baby', I will never forget that, it made me feel like I really could trust in him.

"Alok cried with me when he told me the medicine was no longer working and nothing more could be done and to me that shows how compassionate and incredible he is."

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